The iris valve on this level is marked with the numeral A.

Player Map

1 - Machine Shop

This area is relatively small, and filled to forward with machine tools, a workbench, and cabinets filled with a great many spare parts in paper cartons.

To the port and starboard are large (floor to ceiling) gratings with radiator flanges behind them.

2 - Metallurgical Shop

This small room contains facilities for detained small scale metal work, from one gram to 10 kilograms, and can be used to produce such diverse items as jewellery, gun parts, and mechanical spares.

3 - Electronic Shop

This area is similar to location 2, but designed for electronics repairs.

While this shop cannot create small electronics components, it does have a large supply of such parts

4 - Gangway

Sloping at an angle upward, this corridor leads to the Engineering Deck.