Painted on the iris valve at this level is the figure V.

1 - Bar/Lounge

This lounge is spacious and carpeted, and several comfortable chairs are scattered about around small tables.

On the wall to starboard is a bar, while to port is a floor-to-ceiling visor screen.

Each side wall has a hallway leading off laterally.

The bar is well stocked with liquors, most having indecipherable labels. at least one bottle labelled in anglic, and a date about 20 years ago.

2 - Stateroom A

This small room is obviously sleeping quarters and contains a bunk, fold-out desk, several drawers, mirror, and reclining chair. There is, however, no clothing, and no sign of personal articles.

3 - Stateroom B

This small room is similar to Stateroom A but has a lived-in look.

In the top drawer is a box containing several rings mounted with gemstones (each with an apparent value of Cr. 500).

Under the bunk’s mattress is an envelope containing several bills (apparently money), marked J0, IN, and IN0, as well as various statements and phrases in the ship’s language.

A full length mirror is mounted on the wall.

4 - Stateroom C

This room is larger, and contains a double bed rather than bunks.

Personal effects for both male and female individuals are present in the drawers. These are unusually large and not all of them are identifiable.

5 - Stateroom D