This deck is accessed within the ship only through the gangway leading from the ??? Deck.

Player Map

2 - Forward Control Area

A complete set of jump controls are installed at this point, including a computer terminal.

The twin corridors leading to this Area are generally featureless, with single passageways leading port and starboard.

The central area between the two corridors (long Grey rectangle on the deck map) is a solid area containing a complex set of electronics parts, and several solid silver buss bars.

Let's go with consoles, interfaces, terminals, panels, etc., etc. All of it.

Power cable connections (about 300 mm in diameter, and insulated) rise from the central solid area and pass into the ceiling panels.

1 - PORT SIDE Jump Pod

This engineering area has TWO jump drives.
The sensors identified them as Jump drives. The starboard Jump drive is easily recognizable. However, the port side drive is unlike any jump drive you've ever seen. The overall configuration is jump drive-like, but you can't discern any of the usual components. Could the ship sensors have been wrong?


This area is similar to the portside jump pod, and can be treated in a similar manner.

Hydroponics Area

Hydroponics Bay

Contrary to the book, this area is sealed behind an airlock door with a window.

This entire area is overgrown with plants.