This deck has three iris valves in the central access shaft; they lead starboard, forward, and port. Each is marked with a 7.

Player Map

Observation Dome

This is a transparent astrogation dome with a bearing race along the front half of its circumference. Mounted on the race is an electro-mechanical sextant

Observation Dome Access

An iris valve in the ceiling provides access to the observation dome.

Forward Cargo Area

A large chamber nearly 20 metres wide and 9 metres deep. Well lit, it is empty except for a large pile of crates in one corner and a bale of vegetable leaves near the iris valve. Closer investigation will reveal this material is tobacco, which is a rarity in this part of the Imperium. It will sell for a lot of credits if sold in the seedier parts of a starport town; it is also probably illegal on any world with a law level 8+.

Large circles are on the walls, each with a darkened panel in the center One flashes light blue Pressing it slides the tube out, with a human woman inside She exhibits no sign of life or signs of death. There is a display on the side of the woman's tube.
It is showing symbols that change - the first two change so fast that you can't make any of them out - the next one changes once a second or so, the rest of them (five more digits) haven't changed while you've been watching Beneath, a few symbols - they could be menu options or it could be a word

Touching any of the darkened panels results in a bzz bzz but nothing else happens


This passageway leads to port and makes a right angle bend aft, where it is then blocked by massive steel doors.

Before the bend, large cargo doors open fore and aft into cargo areas; scratch and scuff marks indicate that cargo has been dragged across the corridor many times. Near these doors is a red button

The steel door at the end of the corridor is part of a cylinder set within a larger cylinder - a computer terminal is located on the wall next to each door


This passageway leads to starboard, and makes a right angle bend aft. It is treated in a manner similar to the other corridor.

Aft Cargo Bay

This area is an irregularly shaped cargo bay, marked by an arched protrusion in its centre, and bulges in the lateral walls.